Make your dream come true: your villa in Ibiza

We often invent a thousand reasons to stop us from living the life we ​​really want: career, obligations, money and many other reasons. But life is too short not to try to realize our dreams, especially if one of these is to buy a property in Ibiza.

Here are some of the reasons why this is not only a fabulous dream but can be a beautiful reality and a solid investment.

A profitable investment:

The market here is very stable. Despite what happens in the rest of Europe, Ibiza has always maintained constant growth. The rental market is thriving and profitable. Your property can be easily rented all year or only during the summer. In both cases, your investment will see returns immediately

A healthy lifestyle:

With 360 days of sunshine, life is lived outdoors all year round. The natural beauty of the landscape is totally captivating. Summers are full of fun and sunny days while winters are mild and welcoming.

In the centre of Europe:

The island is only two hours from continental Europe. You can easily reach all the main European capitals.

It’s great for all generations:

There is such a large community that lives on the island. Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, is well satisfied.

Aimvesting offers you an exclusive villa in San Jose in Ibiza

The property is located near Cala Carbo, a small secluded cove surrounded by pine trees that looks like a private beach with access to a small port for private boats.

The villa built in 2012-2013 by architect Bernard Schalck with the technical collaboration of Blanca Castiella is located on a plot of 5788 m2, in a natural park facing the famous VEDRA rock that emerges from the sea.

Facing south, sunny from morning to evening and with a view that sweeps from the sea to the mountains the villa is far away from the noise and bustle of holiday clubs, but only 5 km from San JOSE, 20 km from Ibiza and 15 km from the airport.

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