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severin finance

In today’s global market, we understand the importance of cross-border accounting. You have one professional accountant covering all accounting and tax affairs across Europe, Russia, the US and the Far East. Severin Finance works closely with associated partners in the US, Canada, Western Europe and Switzerland to enable our international clients to implement tax-efficient structures and mitigate the impact of double taxation.


GL Finance is dedicated to finding the best solutions for your property finance in France. We are partners of all the major French banks and work closely with them to find the best offer for you. The founder, Gary Lovelock, has worked in France in the property and finance market for the past 22 years and his most recent position was working for France’s largest property finance specialist bank “Crédit Immobilier de France”.


IMS has operated in Spain since 2002 and has successfully completed on over half a billion Euros in lending on mortgages in Spain making us one of the most experienced and specialised mortgage advice companies in Spain. We can negotiate special terms for certain clients not available direct from the Banks.

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Most people underestimate the effect currency volatility can have on their budget. Our trusted partner Smart Currency Exchange are experts at helping people manage the risk associated with transferring money overseas and prevent this volatility from driving up the cost of your dream property. We are happy to put you in touch with them if you haven’t sorted this part already.

B&M Law

B&M Law LLP is a law firm advising businesses and individuals with interests and assets in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Latin America, France, and North Africa. Their core legal practices include commercial, dispute resolution, company, employment, real estate, and inheritance. Their team of multilingual solicitors, abogados and avvocati give them an international outlook and an enviable capacity to represent clients globally.

Service Partners

OVM Communication

OVM Communication

We do not realise websites, we tell stories. We do not do marketing, we create experiences. We do not communicate, we invent worlds. We want to change your vision of the agencies! We’re beyond the time zones, we do not believe in office hours, and we only work with people who inspire us on products we truly believe in.

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Based in Europe, MailKitchen is a team of passionate and dedicated email marketing professionals. A technical solution exclusively developed in France and tested for several years which has sent more than 5 billion emails!

  • More than 8 years experience in emailing
  • More than 190,000 clients
  • More than 5 billion emails sent throughout the world

Property guide


Property Guides is a step-by-step resource to help you purchase your dream overseas home safely and successfully. Property Guides was set up when one of the company’s founders suffered an unfortunate personal experience when buying overseas. This trauma could have been avoided if real, truthful information and support had been available at the time – and that’s why we now provide all the information found on this website, alongside country-specific guides to help others avoid the costly and distressing pitfalls that may not be obvious when buying overseas.