5 good reasons to invest

  • Create or diversify your portfolio 

  • Acquiring your Buy to Let Property Investment through AIMvesting gives you access to a broad range of opportunities.

    We are recognised as providing high-quality professional services as well as quality properties.

    The Buy to Let | Leaseback:

    You acquire a quality Freehold property that comes with a full Management Lease with hands-off management and a regular income.By choosing a personal usage option, you have the opportunity to combine both yield and pleasure. Not only do you invest in a quality Freehold property generating a regular stream of income, but you also make the most of your property.

    The Buy to Let | Outright:

    You can acquire a quality Freehold property in a prime location, just like a second home. You have access to your property as and when you want and can also partly let it out to minimise your running costs.

    A Property Investment made through AIMvesting will give you access to different brands, locations, budgets, thus allowing you to diversify your portfolio.

  • Generate a regular rental income

  • Buying a property and let it out allows you to generate additional income, without necessarily incurring additional Income Tax.

    By contracting a Lease with the Management Company, you will receive a regular rent: Paid by your sole tenant, the Management Company Net of maintenance, management charges and VAT Indexed annually on the French RPI (Retail Price Index) Most of the Management Companies we work with will guarantee you the rent, whether your property is rented or not.

    Your property will be maintained for you and you will benefit from a totally hands-off investment.

  • Hassle-free Property Management

  • Once you have completed your purchase, you will look forward to the next step.

    Rent is guaranteed: your rent is paid to you quarterly whether your apartment is occupied or not.

    Your property is well looked after: our local on-site teams will look after all the routine maintenance, repairs and cleaning.

    Your sole tenant (the Management Company) pays for all insurance costs, fees and taxes: you only pay for the property Tax and Income Tax if applicable.

    At the end of the lease, the Management Company will renew the Lease to continue renting it out and managing your property.

    When the lease is renewed, renovations and improvements required such as replacement of furniture, fittings, kitchen, and bathroom… are carried out to keep your asset in top condition.

    Not only is the cost of this major refurbishment clearly provisioned from the outset in the lease but the costs are capped.

  • Retirement planning

  • Preparing for your retirement is a serious issue that concerns us all and should be addressed as early as possible.

    With major demographic changes and the uncertainties of the economy weighing on State benefits and Pension arrangements, more and more employed and self-employed people are seeking to supplement their retirement income.

    Property Investments provide a tax efficientinflation-proofed and secured income, ideal when preparing for your future.

    Furthermore, by acquiring a quality Freehold property in a sought-after location, under the Buy to Let Leaseback scheme, looked after by Europe’s No1 Management Company, you will benefit from significant tax benefits and anticipate Capital Growth on your property.

  • Access to substantial benefits

  • Whether you’re planning a Short break or Holidays as a couple, a family or simply amongst friends, your owner/landlord status of a Freehold property managed by the Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs Group gives you access, when you choose a personal usage option as part of your lease via the holiday apartments exchange scheme, to a wide choice of quality apartments in diverse sought-after locations with leisure facilities and services (check with us for the full list of services each resort offers in France and Spain) :

    • Spa facilities and swimming pools
    • Golf courses
    • Children’s club
    • Sports and leisure facilities
    • Restaurant, lounge, breakfast
    • 24/7 Concierge, shuttle services and much more…

    Discounts and exclusive Services

    As an owner/landlord, you will be eligible to:

    • dedicated and personalised and secure website access to manage your holiday bookings
    • Ongoing benefits and discounts on sporting activities and other leisure facilities
    • personalised check-in
    • Special rates with their partners (AVIS, SKISET, Euro Disney Paris)

    15-35% discounts on your holidays with Pierre & Vacances, Center Parcs, Adagio